MM translations
This was the first complete web site, a final project for a class. This was a lucky coincidence, knowing someone who was in desperate need of some web design and this is what came out of it. Existing assets were the M logo, which was the guideline for the color scheme.

Marita wanted her site to be available in both of her major languages, ie. German and English. All content existed - and it was a lot of content. On the other hand, if your business is writing or translation, then a web site like this reflects your business well. In general, we prefer our web design to be a little less text heavy.
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Jill Sommer Translations
This is another web site of a translator friend. Her original web site was about 10 years old, and very much out of style. From her last name Sommer, which means summer in German, we created a sunny and bright design for her new web site.

Initially, this was to go side by side with her blog "Translation Musings" which was her "after hours" presentation and therefore had an evening/night design. Unfortunately, she is hosting her blog with Wordpress which does not allow the use of customized themes so we only implemented the business web site. The initial template can still be seen on a different host just for "show and tell" (and possible use when the Wordpress hosting contract runs out.)
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MHaefke Fotografie
This was a small project for a close friend, a German photographer. His web site is basically like an extended business card. This is what many refer to as a "boutique web site" with static content. Updates can only be done in the HTML code. This site is also available in German and English due to his client base in German, the UK/US.
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Capstone Runners
This was a group project for a capstone class at Davenport University. The class was grouped with different computer science majors but only one web developer while others were database, IT or programming majors. The idea was to create a dynamic site that shows database content.

We chose a web site for a running group. The web site showed general information about the running group, but also had a dynamically updatable member database, that allowed users to search for members by name or discipline to see personal and athletic information. Data entry was possible through a standalone application (developed by programming majors) and a web interface. Unfortunately, this was hosted on an account of the university server which was deactivated after class was over.
North Park Presbyterian Church
This was a web site for the North Park Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids. This design was done in collaboration with a fellow student, Michelle Keyes of Keyes Web Design.
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Translation Musings
This is a custom template for Jill Sommer's blog "Translation Musings". When she started to blog early in 2008, she selected a template called Regulus. Unfortunately, Regulus has not been updated in a long time and starts to look a little dated. It is quite narrow matching the smaller average screen size of 2008 and does not use some newer goodies of Wordpress.

Jill really liked the overall look and feel of Regulus, so I created a modern custom theme based on the look of Regulus. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, I was not aware that Jill hosts her blog with Wordpress and they do not allow the use of custom themes.
All images were created from scratch, the code is loosely based on the theme Girl but completely redesigned.
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