I like to say that any file can be translated, and if your translator says it is not possible, he or she has not tried hard enough or doesn't have the necessary tools. Depending on the extra effort necessary, we will charge an extra fee.

SDL Trados 2007We use SDL Trados 2007 Professional as our translation memory system, but on a daily base we utilize many other tools to prepare and handle files. From advanced text editors with syntax highlighting over tools to convert PDF files to editable formats to the Rainbow tools for all kinds of conversions and transcodings. For the translation of binary files, we use SDL Passolo to extract text and image resources from binary files. Passolo also has an excellent tool to parse any type of text file which basically allows us to translate any type of file you can imagine.

We also handle all kinds of other files, check the section Graphic, Design & Web below

For transcriptions, we use Express Scribe by NCH Software which works very well even with difficult multi-person discussions. The ability to adjust audio speed and pitch helps understand even the thickest accents. We prefer digital audio files but we can also handle tapes and for a small fee we can create high quality digital audio files from your analog material.

Graphic, Design & Web

Adobe CS4 Design PremiumBut our service does not stop here! We also handle your DTP and image files. We are using Adobe CS4 Design Premium which includes Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Flash among others. Feel free to send us your FLA, PSD, INDD and AI files which we will translate for an additional fee (based on time spent). If you prefer, you can still export and import the text yourself. For your technical manuals, we have Adobe Framemaker and we know how to use it! As a special service, we can take your old and cumbersome Word documents and create an elegant, slick file in Framemaker or InDesign including chapters, books and other auto generated text. This also works for those dreaded PDF files where the source files simply got lost.